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  Trevor and Sara Crafts
Dog: Ari (age 10)

We have a special dog. He was rescued from a horrible existence that left him scared and distrusting of anyone but our family.

My husband and I recently moved from New Jersey, where our dog had been with the same kennel for six (6) years. In that time he had built a trust with the kennel owner, and we were concerned that he would not be able to duplicate that in another setting.

What a pleasant surprise we had when we found Bark Avenue!! Not only has our scared, distrusting dog come out of his shell, but he is flourishing under the very capable care of Erin and her team! We are thankful everyday for the people at Bark Avenue. You could not ask for better care, with a staff that genuinely cares for both the physical as well as mental health of your dog.

Thank you Erin and Bark Avenue! You are priceless!

    Sandee and Samuel Brookins
Dog: Baxter (age 1)

Our adorable 1 year old English Bulldog, Baxter, has been a regular at Bark Avenue Resort & Kamp since he was 8 months old. We couldn't be more pleased to be a part of the Bark Avenue Resort & Kamp family and are thankful to have such a great place available to us.

When Baxter sees me getting ready in the morning he gets so excited knowing that he is going to doggie day camp to play all day. He sits in front of the door looking at his leash until it’s time to leave so he doesn’t get left behind. His tail wags, which means his whole body wags and he can’t wait to get outside into the car to go to camp. He comes home at the end of the day happy, content and very tired. I must say, Baxter, had very good people skills. But now he also has good dog social skills too.

One of the best aspects of, Baxter, being a regular daycare dog is that he is equally excited to stay there for longer periods. It is peace of mind for us to know that he is in a safe, fun and familiar environment while we are gone. Baxter can also get baths and his full grooming services through Bark Avenue Resort & Kamp, and they do a great job.

Erin McGhee, and her entire staff is wonderful and truly love their jobs and the dogs we entrust to them. We would highly recommend Bark Avenue Resort & Kamp to everybody.


Marci Shihinski and Vince DiMarsico
Dog: Rex

We have been loyal patrons of Mission Animal & Bird Hospital for the past 25 years and were so excited to hear that they had opened a doggy day camp. We can't thank Erin and her staff enough for the excellent and loving care they show Rex each day that he attends camp.

It is so nice to be able to drop him off and know that he is having fun and being well taken care of. We would recommend the Bark Avenue Resort and Kamp to anyone!


Shayna Nienow
Dogs: Jager (left) and Summit (right)

I moved to Oceanside 3 years ago, I was referred to Mission Animal Hospital for my Mastiff-Mix Jager. Since I travel a lot for my job, I was ecstatic that they had boarding services on-site and that the facility & staff were amazing!

Now, having added a new addition Rottie, Summit, to our family I rely on BARK Avenue Camp & Boarding & Mission Animal Hospital. I know they are always loved & cared for and Summit goes to Camp once a week to socialize and exercise!

The new facility has made the experience even better, as there is a beautiful play yard & boarding suites. I am never worried leaving my “babies” with the team and feel that they care about my pets as much as I do, sometimes maybe more! ~ Thanks to Erin & the Crew @ Bark Ave! Love, Summit & Jager


Cheryl Suliteanu
Dogs: Penny and Asha

I have found my dogs' home-away-from-home in Bark Avenue. From the moment I met the staff 8 months ago, I knew that they love animals as much as I do, and they have proven day in and out that I was right. My lab mix Asha spends her days playing with her big dog friends, and with the Kamp Counselors. Every morning she whines when we round the corner to the facility, and all but walks herself into Kamp!

Then, in early February, I adopted Penny - a tiny, sweet Chihuhua/Yorkie mix. I worried that she wouldn't be happy staying at Bark because she's too small to play with her sister's big dog group. I had nothing to worry about! Penny gets so much love and attention from the staff (Erin especially!) and now she has so many little dog friends to play with out in the yard - every day she comes home exhausted from having so much fun! On the serious side, one day Penny must have gotten a bug bite or a bee sting - she had a terrible allergic reaction... but the staff at Bark are so attentive, they noticed right away and Penny was immediately seen by one of the Mission Animal Hospital veternarians. By the time I arrived after work, Penny was well on her way to recovery. Not only are my babies having a fun place to stay during the day, but they have immediate access to medical attention if the need arises.

I have recommended Bark Avenue to every dog owner I know. I am completely at ease knowing my babies are having not only the social interaction with other dogs that I know they need and crave, but they also are in a well maintained facility with the highest quality staff, and wondeful people who give them the love and affection I can't while I am at work. And some days, I even call in to hear how they're doing just to brighten my day - and it works every time! My deepest thanks and love go to the people at Bark Avenue!


Suzy Torromeo
Dog: Luigi

To Erin and all the staff,
Thank you for the wonderful care at Bark Avenue Resort and Kamp...you're the best!  We have utilized the facility for both day kamp and boarding of our lab, Luigi. 

Louie gets very excited when he knows he is going for the day to see his human friends and his doggie friends.  The staff exhibits an obvious love and passion for animals.   They always greet him with a hug and kind words. 

When we leave town, we are confident he is in good hands and well cared for...something I always used to worry about.  Now I can relax and envision him having ice cream, watching a movie and snuggling with a staff member at the end of a busy day of playing.  He comes home exhausted....and always a "happy kamper"!




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